「iOS 10」、「A8/A9」搭載デバイスにおいてRAWファイルをサポートへ

IPhone SE keyboard

iOS 10」では大多数の純正アプリが削除可能になった他、「Game Center」アプリが終了することが明らかになっている。


RAW image file support is now available on iOS devices that use the A8 or A9 CPU. Core Image can decode RAW images produced by several third-party cameras as well as images produced by the iSight camera of supported iOS devices (to learn more, see AVFoundation). To process RAW images, use filterWithImageData:options: or filterWithImageURL:options: to create a CIFilter object, adjust RAW processing options with the keys listed in RAW Image Options, and read the processed image from the filter’s outputImage property.

via iOS 10.0


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